Commercial & Civil Litigation

Our Commercial and Civil Litigation team addresses issues as they arise in real estate and business; from specific performance claims to shareholder disputes.

Mancini Carter has immersed itself in all types of commercial transactions and disputes ranging from lost profits and business torts to breach of contract and specific performance claims for real estate transactions.  Our experience allows us to efficiently and effectively pursue claims, which enables our clients to minimize litigation risks, reduce dispute resolution costs, and preserve important business relationships.

At Mancini Carter, we do not limit our business litigation strategies to the courtroom, but rather we apply them to everyday business and real estate transactions, with the goal of avoiding litigation.  We understand that no client is in the “litigation business.”  We, therefore, pride ourselves on being more than one-dimensional and encourage and train our lawyers to provide the practical counsel and advice required to develop appropriate business, litigation, and dispute-resolution strategies.  At Mancini Carter, straight, forward thinking is our goal.

We understand how draining the demands of litigation can be on a business’ financial and managerial goals.  Therefore, our objective is to protect our clients’ rights and pursue their best interests while conserving their valuable time and resources.

Commercial and Civil Litigation Clients

“John has been a trusted friend and advisor of the Company for over a decade; he has helped us navigate complex business issues and confusing regulations to our advantage and assisted in the growth of our company, recently helping us acquire and secure a third concrete batching plant in Cranston, Rhode Island.”

Mark Cullion
Owner of Cullion Concrete, Inc.


Cullion Concrete provides top-quality concrete production and distribution services that meet residential and commercial construction needs throughout Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts.

Founded in 2000 by Mark Cullion, the company operates 32 trucks from three RIDOT-certified plants located in Cranston, Peacedale and North Smithfield, RI.


In 2007, John Mancini successfully secured a $2 million dollar settlement for Cullion Concrete from the City of Cranston for obstructing the issuance of a building permit for the company’s proposed 7,500-square-foot batching facility.

Zealously defending the validity of the company’s building permit, John Mancini repeatedly appealed to, and appeared in front of, municipal leaders, activist citizens, and the Rhode Island Superior and Supreme Court facilitating a fair and fast resolution to the conflict.

Mancini Carter continues to assist Cullion Concrete in all of its contract negotiations and business law issues, recently securing for the Company a third concrete batching facility in Cranston, Rhode Island.

“John Mancini has provided my companies and myself advice for over ten (10) years; in doing so, he has become a very necessary and valuable asset to my companies.  The Mancini Carter team helps us keep things running smoothly on a day-to-day basis and, when issues do arise, the team quickly and efficiently applies its expertise to resolve problems to our advantage.  Mancini Carter has been an incredible partner in our business success over the past decade, and we look forward to growing with them.”

Frank Mattos
Owner, SERVPRO of Providence: SERVPRO of Weymouth SERVPRO of Back Bay Boston


Frank Mattos is the owner of several successful businesses, including SERVPRO of Providence, SERVPRO of Weymouth, and SERVPRO of Back Bay Boston, a top-rated provider of residential and commercial restoration and remediation services.


John Mancini has been a trusted provider of corporate legal counsel to Frank Mattos and his companies for more than a decade.  For SERVPRO of Providence, SERVPRO of Weymouth and SERVPRO of Back Bay Boston, Mancini Carter has consistently managed and successfully resolved important business matters including corporate governance oversight, contract negotiations, non-competition agreements, construction contracts, and employment issues in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Mancini Carter also provides the company with litigation services when necessary, most recently securing a victory in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit on SERVPRO of Providence’s behalf in regard to a remediation project at the Warwick Mall in Warwick, RI.

“At Mancini Carter, John has surrounded himself with a knowledgeable team all of whom work hard to be responsive and professional to provide the high level of service that my company has come to expect.”

Enrico DiGregorio
President, DiGregorio Corporation


Established in 1990, DiGregorio Corporation has enjoyed steady growth in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts markets.  Family-owned and operated, the company provides site development, utility, and landfill construction solutions for an array of clients.

Because no two jobs are the same, we rely on a consistent operating philosophy.  DiGregorio Corporation delivers its work ON TIME and ON BUDGET, and our attention to QUALITY is unmatched.  While other firms offer similar guarantees, our commitment is backed by a team of over 100 professionals whose top priority is client satisfaction.

Our reputation for skill, integrity, and financial stability is built on hundreds of projects where we have performed on (or ahead of) time, on (or below) budget, and provided added value to our customers.  Our clients have benefited from our skill and attention to detail. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate what we can do for you.


John Mancini and Nicholas Goodier’s understanding and depth of their expertise in zoning, planning, permitting, engineering, RIDEM, and business and construction law have proven to be a natural fit with DiGregorio Corporation’s daily needs. 

John and Nick, and the team at Mancini Carter, have guided the company through complicated and troublesome construction related issues as they have arisen.

John and his team at Mancini Carter help us navigate complex and confusing regulations with ease in the world of permitting renewable energy, whether it be wind or solar power.

The Mancini Carter team are true professionals; they take the time to update us on the status and progress of their work at every stage. Importantly, John is easy to work with and quick to call you back.

Mark DePasquale
Owner of Green Development, LLC


Since 2009, Green Development (formerly “Wind Energy Development, LLC”) has developed renewable energy solutions across Rhode Island.  They work with Rhode Island communities, public entities, land owners, and farmers to plan and construct wind turbines and solar power systems that deliver reliable and inexpensive power.  Green Development is passionate about transforming and diversifying Rhode Island’s energy portfolio.  They have partnered their clients to provide renewable energy solutions that are best for each individual’s specific needs.  Their hands-on approach to each project allows them to meet the everchanging needs of their clients and partners throughout the process.

Their expertise in financial and legislative requirements, supply chain and logistics, and technical logistical advancements, along with efficient project management gives each party involved a piece of mind knowing that they have experts working with them to create a sustainable solution that meets their renewable energy needs.


Mancini Carter provides Green Development with day to day advice as needed with the governance and management of Wind Turbines and Solar Power systems throughout Rhode Island.  Specifically, Mancini Carter has assisted Green Development with its projects in Coventry, Richmond, Lincoln, Johnston, Exeter and North Smithfield.

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